UBERSCOOT 16400 48VOLT Electric Scooter Review

Interested in a scooter for yourself or your little one? Then you are in the right place, find a scooter can be a real hassle especially one that an adult can ride without any embarrassment.

Most scooters are usually restricted for kids even the maximum weight for the scooters are small, but the Uberscoot electric scooter maximum weight is 265 lbs or 132.5 kg. So any adult interested in a scooter this is an appropriate scooter.

This particular scooter is designed especially for the kids it comes with very cool stickers that will make any kid fall in love with it instantly. It also comes with a different design for both girls and boys. The Uberscoot electric scooter is

quite easy to use, safe and most importantly fun for use. It’s also portable so you can travel with it very easy. It also saves energy with energy saving mode.

UBERSCOOT 16400 48VOLT Electric Scooter Review


Most scooters come with no seat, a child rides while standing up and they might get tired. They cannot ride for a long period, but with a scooter that comes with a seat.

A child can enjoy riding for a very long time because they won’t get tired easily. The Uberscoot electric scooter comes with a seat which is also easy to remove if you don’t want it.

Easy To Assemble

Most scooters come in a box disassemble to make it easy to carry. Some tend to be hard to assemble but not for Uberscoot scooter. It comes with a handbook manual that clearly explains step by step on how to make the scooter.

So no need for a mechanic you can make the scooter easily at the comfort of your garage. To top it up it takes very few minutes to assemble the scooter.

Battery Life

The Uberscoot electric scooter is chargeable it’s supposed to be charged 6 to 8 hours. Once it’s fully charged this scooter has very long battery life.It is engineered with a battery life of 250 cycles the maximum range 12 miles per charge.

It also comes with economy mode button this button main purpose is to conserve battery life. So the child can enjoy riding the scooter for a very long time.


Wheels define a ride, how great the wheel is on any ride is how the great the ride is. Before committing yourself to buying any scooter, a wheel should be something you consider.

The Uberscoot front wheels are 12 inches pneumatic knobby and also the rear is 12 inches pneumatic knobby. The tire maximum load is 265 lbs this shows the stamina and also balance all thanks to the battery.


Nothing screams safe as a bicycle or scooter that comes with a light in the front and the rear. It can be operated both in the day and even when it gets dark which will be completely safe, unlike one without light.

The Uberscoot electric scooter is an example of a scooter that comes with front and rear lights. It’s activated through the turning of the key the second time.

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Easy to assemble
Conserve battery life
Maximum load 265
Comes with a seat


Not good on grass

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I wonder maximum speed km/hr.?
A: It depends on the rider size and weight. On a paved road 30+ mph.

Q: How do you turn on the lights?
A: the key has two turns. The first one to turn on the scooter and the second one to turn on the lights.

Q: Maximum Weight?
A: 265 lbs

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Final Verdict

Scooter has always been a ride I enjoy more than a bicycle, maybe it’s because of the fact that it’s very easy. Ever since I was small I like especially riding from a hill down; it has an interesting thrill and fun.

If you are using the correct scooter, then safety is not an issue at all. After growing up, I needed a scooter that could handle my weight easily then I met the Uberscoot electric scooter which was easy to use and could handle my weight with no problem.

I even bought the same scooter for my small niece and together we enjoy evening rides and most importantly its completely safe.

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