Segway Hoverboard Review

My company’s floor space is quite wide. Navigating from one station to another on foot is so tiring. I mostly reached a certain station feeling tired, and even communicating my ideas became difficult as well as time wasting because I had to relax for a while.

Ever since I discovered the latest version of two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter called Segway hoverboard, am now all over the office. Am so energetic lately, and I love how efficient I am.

This is a product assembled by people who clearly understand the need for speed just on twos. There are places your car cannot reach, now you will be able to reach them on a high-end hoverboard.

I used to despise arriving at the office to endure long unfruitful days. Now, as each day ends, I look forward to the next day and what I will be able to achieve.

Aside from fun, the Segway miniPRO will help you save time.

Segway Hoverboard Review

Precision Sensors And Remote Controlled

The Segway miniPRO hoverboard features incredible precision sensors which are designed to automatically code the riders movements and react about them.

Aside from that, the mobile app embedded technology will allow to control the scooter remotely with your phone without riding it.

Knee Control Bar

The Segway miniPRO hoverboard is an excellent hoverboard that comes with a special knee control bar feature that will provide innovative steering precision.

which will give you the freedom to maneuver more effectively on this scooter than a two-wheeled hoverboard.

Integrates With Phone Applications

Embrace the evolving technology of hoverboards by owning the best segway MiniPRO hoverboard. It is an awesome hoverboard that has taken another dimension in personal transport.

It is integrated with phone application to give you access to a wide array of premium features and functions. You can view the dashboard performance and customize lighting on it.

Safety Certification

Being the pioneer hoverboard to utilize modern technology in upgrading its safety measures, the Segway miniPRO hoverboard is UL 2272 certified.

It meets the prime standards of fire and electrical safety set by a reputable global safety science company Underwriters labs.

Quality Unit

The Segway unit is an incomparably quality unit. It has padded knee bar to make you comfortable and allow you to steer it precisely unlike the competing scooters.

It also has a quality dual motor engine that delivers high power to allow you reach high speeds and distances on any terrain. Besides that.

it has a quality aircraft grade magnesium alloy frame and pneumatic air filled tires with military grade shock absorption capability.

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Anti-theft security alarm
Durable frame
Comfortable handles
Has safety lights
Has a Bluetooth phone app


So far, no disadvantages have been noted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight of the Segway mini pro hover board?
A: The miniPRO weighs in at ~28 lbs./~12.5 kg.

Q: How can you carry around the Segway mini pro hoverboard?
A: On flat surfaces, the unit can be guided along with the telescoping carry handle at the top of the knee steering bar. If you plan on lifting the miniPRO off the ground to pass over stairs or other obstacles, ensure that it is powered down and lift it by securely gripping the steering bar

Q: for riding the Segway mini pro, what is the optimum weight of the rider?
A: the Segway mini pro is designed to carry an approximate weight of 220 lbs.

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Final Verdict

Segway mini pro is the first hoverboard that is uniquely designed to give personal transport a new perspective. I noted that there are many cases of Segway imitation.

but none of them has nailed what makes Segway tick. This brand is the best one designed to deliver high-class technology about its premium production quality.

The time has come for hoverboard lover like you to experience the uncommon and exciting rides. It does not matter where you pick to hover; the Segway mini pro will conquer that place.

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