Razor Siege Scooter Review

Time for holiday shopping! It’s almost time for Christmas, and you’re probably thinking which gift will be appropriate for your kids. Getting gifts can be a hassle especially when you haze zero idea what your kid likes.

Nonetheless, there are gifts which are just classic, and any child is bond to instantly fall in love with it. A scooter is a good example of gifts which your kid will love.

The scooter should not be just any scooter but a scooter that is one of a kind. The Razor Siege Scooter is classic, and it is gift worthy.

The features in place are designed to work together concurrently to make the scooter one of the best in the market.

The scooter is most importantly safe for the child to use and also fun, so the child will have fun operating the scooter. It’s also very easy to use, so the child will not encounter any problems.

Razor Siege Scooter Review


The reason why most people opt for a scooter it is because it’s not bulky as compared to a bicycle. Since scooters are majorly designed for kids, they should not be heavy.

A good example of a lightweight scooter is the Razor Siege Scooter it weighs 7.2-pound measures 12.25 by 36 by 30 inches. It’s manageable by children and might I add portable. Even when you want to carry you carry with no problem.

Adjustable Handlebar Height

The fear that as your child grows you will be forced to buy a new scooter, is old news with the Razor Siege Scooter. It’s designed with an adjustable handlebar height so as your child grows so does the handlebar.

So once you buy a scooter bear in mind that it should be one that will serve your kid for a very long time. Not one your kid will outgrow.

Folding Handlebars

At times parking the scooters in a driveway is not possible the driveway might be full, or even the scooter will not stand on its own. Keeping in the house again will create congestion.

If you’re at a total loss of where to keep the scooter then having a razor siege scooter will come in handy. It’s designed with handlebars and frame system which can be folded making it easy for storage and also portable for when traveling.

Twisting Deck

The Razor Siege Scooter can be a standard scooter or can twist and propel; with the twistable top deck enhancing turning performance via the latest hybrid street technology. This scooter presents a child with a ride of his/her life.

This scooter drifts sideways making the ride very exciting and very enjoyable. You don’t have to worry its completely safe and still a child can ride normal without swaying.


Wheels make the backbone of any ride be it the motorcycle, bicycle, cars and most importantly scooters. They make the top list of things to consider before buying a scooter.

The Razor Siege is designed with 360 degrees inclined rear caster wheel which enables the stability and balance of the scooter.

Its front wheel is 125 millimeters making it bigger than the back wheel which is small. This feature ensures that balance and most importantly stability is adjusted.

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Nice grips
Cool drifting
Easy to use


The price
Slight chance of falling off (wear helmet)

Frequent Questions Asked

Q: What is recommended age for this scooter?
A: 8 to 12 years old

Q: where are the breaks?
A: There are no breaks. Kids use their feet to slow down

Q: Does this scooter fold?
A: yes; for easy storage or when traveling

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Final Verdict

Shopping is never easy especially during the holidays; stores are full with people, that’s why I prefer shopping early so no inconvenience can happen.

Buying gifts for any occasion be it birthdays or holidays is a real challenge even if you choose to start early. The gift you’re buying should simply be awesome and nothing short.

A scooter, however, is a classic gift that will bring a smile to the little one. However, note that not just any scooter will do but the best.

Consider all your problems solved with Razor Siege scooter, which is an awesome scooter with this your child will love the gift that’s a guarantee.

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