Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review

Looking for a birthday gift? There’s nothing terrible as going from one store to the next without an idea of what to buy. Scooter is a classic birthday gift that your child will love.

A scooter that is appropriate for your kid to use, he/she will enjoy ridding it, and it’s also totally safe for your kid to use.

Scooters have been used for generation and generation to come. The only thing that has changed with time is the design and some features all thanks to technology.

The features make the scooter performance fast also makes it easy to use and most importantly safe to use. The designs also come in different colors making it appropriate for both girls and boys.

The Razor E200 electric scooter is an example of a scooter that is easy to use and most importantly safe to use. The scooter is a perfect gift for your kid, and he will totally love it as soon as he sees it.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review


Scooters are mostly designed for kids, and with that, it should not be heavy. It should be light weight. The Razor E200 scooter weighs 40 pounds which happen to be relatively lighter than most scooters in its category.

It’s perfect for kids making transport easy and smoother acceleration. The tires are 8-inch pneumatic tires, which have closer grip than urethane and can carry a heavier load it can carry the weight up to 152 lbs.


The brakes of any ride, be it a bicycle or cars are very important. Without brakes how will a car stop? Brakes are important and ensure safety.

The Razor E200 electric scooter comes with easily hand-operated rear brakes. This makes the response time that is much easier and preferable on electric scooters for kids.


The Razor E200 electric scooter is designed with a battery that is rechargeable. The battery is charged for 12 hours to be fully charged. The (2x12v) battery runs up to 40 minutes continuously after being fully charged.

It is highly recommended to charge before you use. For best performance when you first buy it you should fully charge it. The battery has energy saving mode ensuring that you can fully enjoy riding the scooter.


Some scooters need a push start to start moving. The Razor E200 electric scooter doesn’t require a push start it can be started with a speed throttle with which you can alter speed.

It reaches its maximum speed which is 12mph in a few seconds. The speed is not excessive but enough to feel the thrill.

Most importantly its appropriate speed for kids. It’s easy to control the speed between; slow, intermediate and fast.


No one likes a scooter that it’s not appealing, the scooter should be sleek. The Razor E200 scooter might not be the trendiest scooter on the block, but it comes with three colors; teal, green and red.

Additionally, in order to make it stand out you could customize the deck. The child could choose between the three colors which all of them happen to be unisex so appropriate for girls and boys.

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Great performance
Easy to assemble
Good mid weight scooter


Not fast enough
Slow charging

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Where is the brake?
A: It has rear brake.

Q: Maximum weight?
A: 145 lbs

Q: The scooter is charged for how long?
A: For 12 hours to fully charge

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Final verdict

The Razor E200 scooter is appropriate for teenagers and kids from seven years. The scooter is designed with solid frame that won’t break down easily.

It is durable and stays for a very long period without breaking down as compared to other scooters. It will take years and years with the strong built scooter.

The scooter features in place ensures that it’s easy to use, safe to use with the rear break which is in place to ensure that the child can stop when need be.

It also has speed control; in case you want to go slow or go fast that will be according to your choice. Bottom line it child appropriate and the best scooter.

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