Mongoose Scooter Review

My seven-year-old boy started writing letters to Santa as early as the summers of how he wanted a scooter this Christmas and how he has been a good boy. Helping his grandmother and mother by taking out the trash.

I thought of surprising him with the scooter but convincing my overprotective wife was the real challenge.The mongoose scooter did the trick I didn’t have to do a thing.

With the brand engineered with all those features that scream safety. My wife was more than convinced that the scooter will be perfect for our little boy.

Seeing the smile on my boy’s face was worth every dime spent on buying the scooter. He was flourished with happiness and even went on a test drive that early morning around the neighborhood. It’s safe to use even on the grassy area and most importantly fun for use.

Mongoose Scooter Review

Wide Foot Deck

We are always not in control of what our kids do when they are playing, now imagine that he/she is on a scooter either playing or even going to school and he/she ends up falling.

Balance and stability are very important in any scooter so that small accidents don’t happen. The mongoose scooter is designed with a wide foot deck which ensures that it’s balanced and stable being safe to use.

Speed Control

If you’re looking for a scooter that is safe to use then look no more. The mongoose scooter is one of a kind it comes with a caliper hand brake which offers speed control.

You can relax at home keeping in mind that when the little one is playing with the scooter, there will be no over speeding, therefore, no accidents. It also comes with stopping power; easy to stop anytime.


Any ride a tire is important to be it a bicycle, cars or even scooters. The Mongoose scooter can operate in any area grassy area, paved area rocky area, basically all the areas.

No problem of getting stuck anywhere. The scooter is designed with 12-inch air tires which perform well riding on paved and unpaved areas with ease. So you can enjoy riding anywhere no limits no restrictions.


No kid or anybody wants to own something that it’s not sleek it a car or even a scooter. The color of the scooter plays a big role and how it’s designed. The mongoose scooter is sleek and adventurous.

With the color combination, it’s a guarantee that any kid would love it indefinitely. They have different color and design that will suit either a girl or a boy.

BMX Freestyler Brake Rotor And Axle Pegs

To protect our kids is our first basic instincts as parents but we can’t always be with them 24/7. Kids naturally are playful and adventurous.

The main reason my son wanted a scooter was so he could do a stunt like his friends at first I was reluctant but decided to buy for him.

Mongoose scooter came with BMX freestyler brake rotor and axle pegs which allow the rider to perform multitude tricks safely.

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Safe to use
Easy to use
Can be used in all areas
The design is sleek
Maximum weight 220 (fun for all age)


Limited speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the total weight for a rider?
A: 220 pounds.

Q: Age recommended?
A: maximum weight being 220 I think it’s appropriate for any age.

Q: Does handle adjust up and down?
A: it’s adjusted all the way down and can be adjusted up to 3 inches.

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Final Verdict

The scooter is designed with a solid frame that won’t just break down easily. It is well and strongly built making it very durable. It’s now almost a year since.

I bought the scooter and happy to report that it’s still functioning well. It’s also very easy to use. This scooter is not limited to only kids also teenagers. Just anyone can use it with ease.

bear in mind the scooter is appropriate for kids over six years. Its maximum weight to handle is 220 lbs. The mangrove scooter is a present that your child will love. Easy to pack in the driveway doesn’t fall.

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