EPIKGO Off-Road Hoverboard Review

When hoverboards came to light through several movies and music videos, they captured many people’s attention. I admit, I was one of them. I became curious, and I wanted to know how it feels to ride on one.

Despite all the negative incidences I heard and saw on the news about hoverboards, I blindfolded myself to them and went ahead to hunt for one.

It was cumbersome spotting out the best one because all the brands had similar features just the colors made them different.

Epikgo off the road hoverboard caught my eyes the moment I saw it for the first time. I knew it was a special, safe and fun hoverboard.

It has been two months now since I bought it. Here on campus, we have hoverboard parties. I usually have a lot of fun in the parties because I have the best hoverboard.

EPIKGO Off-Road Hoverboard Review

Safer Hoverboard

Epikgo off road hoverboard is the best hoverboard designed for safe self-balancing. It has acquired the top class standards about your safety. To prove this, it is UL 2272 certified.

Say goodbye to less advanced hoverboards that were prone to going up in flames. Besides that, EPIKGO technically tackles any obstacle in your way. You can use it on the beach!

Powerful Motor

Itis a one in a million hoverboard that features a two times powerful four hundred watts dual motor. I use it for as a long as the hoverboard party lasts. You will be able to ride it far and wide, even with high speed.

The Epikgo off road hoverboard has advanced to facilitate acceleration and drifting with no risk of overheating or short circuiting.

Solid Rubber Tires

The Epikgo off road hoverboard is awesomely designed for maximum performance. It bears solid rubber tires distinctively crafted to sustain any texture of earth surface they are exposed to.

Just like me, you will be able to maneuver over grass, sand, mud and pebbles on this board. It gives you no chance to limit yourself. Go anywhere and do more hoverboard ticks, you are safe.

More Foot Space

Being the most sophisticated product of its kind, Epikgo off road hoverboard features a wider foot space. It ensures stability as you ride on it. It will also offer you the chance to control it better unlike the competing hoverboards.

I told you EPIKGO recognized issues in earlier hoverboards and constructed something that will sweep you off your feet. It makes me feel like a penguin sliding on ice!

Fast Charging

The certified board also comes with a certified LG smart battery. This battery is very awesome. It has undergone and passed 159 tests to ensure no potential fire hazards.

Besides that, you will notice it only takes two hours to charge maximally, which is quick compared to the hoverboards competitors. In just one charge, you will be able to cover a long distance of fun and freedom.

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Tested for safety
Water resistant
Two-hour charging technology
Aesthetically attractive
High-quality hoverboard


The hoverboard needs one to develop good skills through practice to use it and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q; What is the weight limit required to use the device?
A; the device was designed to accommodate approximately 250lbs.

Q; Does the hoverboard come with a carry back park?
A; it is so unfortunate that the hoverboard does not come with a designated carry bag but you can buy it separately on the epikgo website

Q; Does Epikgo off road hoverboard have a warranty?
A; definitely, the hoverboard has an interesting limited warranty for a year.

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Final Verdict

Epikgo off road hoverboard makers has gone out of their way to ensure that the Epikgo off road hoverboard obtains the highest standards of safety of their riders. I can attest to the fact that it has been tested several times hence being certified.

Unlike other hoverboards that used to blaze up anyhow before, the Epikgo off road hoverboard is technologically advanced, and hazards are no longer a hindrance in enjoying its magic.

It is beautiful, cool and impressively durable. So, what are you waiting for? Get itas soon as possible at a ridiculously cheap price.

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