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One of my oldest friends called me the other day. He wanted some advice on the best longboard to buy for his teenage son.

He said his son loves to longboard, but he is not sure what the best models are, especially since the market is full of similar models.

I have a great love for longboarding, and my friend knew I could be of help to him in this area. I put together everything I know and combined it with vigorous research to find the best longboards in the market.

This is a list that I came up with. Many people seem to love these longboards, and their qualities and performance explain why.

Factors To Consider : Best Longboards

When it comes to longboards, what is the right model for you may not be considered a good choice for somebody else?

It takes closer look and carefulness to get a right longboard. This review should guide you on how to get the right longboard for your unique skating needs.

Size of Deck

The size of a longboard's deck will determine a lot of things in the way it performs. The larger the deck, the more space it offers for you to stand on.

Most people would prefer a larger deck to a smaller one because of the level of comfort during the ride. Smaller decks have their strengths too. For example, it makes the board easier to operate.


Check the quality of the wheels. A good wheel system will enhance the performance of a longboard on the road.

Go for it if it has wheels made from high-quality materials and if they provide maximum comfort in each riding experience. The wheels should also be of the right size for maneuverability and perfect cruising.


Lightweight longboards are more portable and can be easily carried around if need be. There are longboards of different weight, though their weights don't vary much.

Low weight means it means less energy required to carry it when you are not riding on it. All the longboards in this list are of convenient weight, and that makes them very portable.


Longboarding enthusiasts are often choosy on the external appearance of a longboard. They tend to love classy designs that add value to their lives.

Your artistic taste tells so much about you, and therefore the design of a longboard should suit your style. The design also determines features such as streamline.

Recommended Best Longboards

Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard

Editor Rating:

This is an artistically designed longboard with a unique structure combination. Everything about it reflects its bold quality and artistic design.

It has 42-inch deck that provides you with ample space to rest your feet while taking a free ride down or across the street or your campus.

The deck boasts maple laminate styled with photo heat transfer graphic that intelligently adds class and style to it.

This longboard is also created for maximum balance and comes with high-quality wheels and trucks. The Volador 42inch Freeride rides on big Volador wheels that are 70mm in diameter, and 51mm wide.

The wheels perfectly grip the surface and move freely and comfortably. Whether you want to use it to commute to work or you are just looking for the best longboard for showing your dance moves, this model will be of great help.

It is the kind that doesn't wear out or break down easily. The Volador 42inch Freeride is suitable for both armatures and experienced skaters.

It is easy to control and can make sharp corners without stress. The fact that it is lightweight makes it perfect for trips that will require you to carry it sometimes.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Large deck
  • Maximum balance
  • Quality trucks
  • Durable


  • Not easy to maintain
  • Need extra care
  • Not the best for downhill
  • Costly
SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down

Editor Rating:

The SCSK8 Professional is an excellent choice for beginners. As expected from a drop through a board, its deck is relatively low to the ground, and this lowers your center of gravity while taking a ride while it gives you increased stability.

It will help you develop your skills as a beginner with minimum chances for accidents.

Its classy looks allow you to ride on it or carry it around with pride. With such a thoughtful design, the deck allows you to push yourself along with your foot with less effort.

The SCSK8 Professional is made out of 7 ply maple and has grip tape already applied. At the base is an 8.5-inch wide drop-through aluminum trucks with ABEC bearings.

The bearings function well, and that is why the rides are always smooth and require little effort. This longboard also comes with 70mm polyurethane wheels which suits its structure and high-speed ability.

It is not exactly the best longboard for downhill riding, but it is an overall excellent choice. I would recommend it mainly for beginners and those on a budget.


  • Safe
  • Made of quality materials
  • Best for beginners
  • Maximum stability
  • Strong structure


  • Chipping
  • Low speed
  • Not the best for sharp corners
  • Not the best wheels
Quest Skateboards Longboard Skateboard

Editor Rating:

There are numerous things to envy on the Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser.

This is one of the best longboards for beginners since it offers maximum safety and ease of control that an armature needs in a longboard. It is a gentle piece of technology designed to offer smooth riding experience.

It is excellent for making some crazy moves and spinning around the blocks. It delivers quality performance on every terrain and it best for both smooth and rough road surfaces.

It is 44 inch longboards with a multi-ply hardwood maple and a beautiful Artisan bamboo deck that offer strength and flexibility for a perfect ride.

The longboard is spacious enough to accommodate your feet comfortably so that your enjoyment is not compromised. At its base are rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks that no terrain can deter.

The longboard rides on durable 70 mm PU wheels that provide good grip. When you ride on this longboard, you realize that it is thoughtfully designed to maximize every skating experience, especially for new skaters.

It is easy to push around, thanks to its excellent design and quality wheels that rotates freely and fast.


  • Large deck
  • Quality materials
  • Excellent wheel system
  • Low weight
  • Flexible


  • Some weak parts
  • Low streamline
  • Complex structure
  • Costly
Ten Toes Board Bamboo Longboard

Editor Rating:

This is an artisan longboard made from beautiful bamboo. It is made with quality materials and functions on high-quality components that result in a true warrior of the road.

It looks simple but with unique style. This longboards moves very swiftly and can make close bends. It is easy to ride and to control while on high speed.

The people who engineered it made sure it is good for your safety in all ways. Its 44-inch length is enough to make your ride comfortable while also adds to its admirable maneuverability.

It comes with strong trucks and high-quality wheels that combine to offer smooth riding wheels that work well on all road types. Its wheel system also enhances its speed and makes it a good for commuting or recreational use.

Besides having striking performance on the road, the Ten Toes Board is durable. It does not break down easily. This longboard is made from high-quality materials, and this explains its long-lasting nature.

Its wheels grip the surface well and minimize chances for slipping. The longboard is lightweight so that you can easily carry it around whenever you are not longboarding.


  • Quality performance
  • Good speed
  • Convenient design
  • Elegant
  • Easy control


  • Pricy
  • Weak structure
  • Heavy
  • Inflexible
Yocaher Professional Speed Longboard

Editor Rating:

The design of longboards tells so much about it. Yocaher Professional is ideal for professional longboarding and delivers excellent performance on the road.

It can also serve as transport means for commuters. It offers a speed that many of its competitions don't have.

It requires little effort to ride, and you don't have to push so hard to move fast. This longboard comes with intelligently designed features that contribute to its overall performance.

Everything is perfectly put in place so that it doesn't choose the type of road to be ridden on. Its base is designed to hold the longboard together and enhance its balance.

It is made of 9-ply maple hardwood that makes this longboard incredibly strong. The board has a 33-inch base construction that allows it to stay durable no matter how much it hits the road.

It is amazing that this longboard can carry even heavy people without speed and balance being compromised.

According to users, the Yocaher Professional can run as fast as 25-30 miles per hour. You can use it on hilly bumpy roads without much trouble because it is fit for all surfaces.


  • Durable
  • Classy looks
  • Incredible speed
  • Ingenious design
  • Calculated weight


  • Not the best for experts
  • Smaller
  • Lesser parts
  • Not good for rough terrain

Final Verdict

A high-quality longboard is the best way to enjoy your longboarding activities. A good longboard will not require too much from you, just a smooth ride across the street for whatever reason.

These are the best longboards anyone can ever come across in the market. They are also suitable for beginners.

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