Best Electric Hoverboards – Guide & Reviews

If you liked scooters when growing up or skates, then you're going to love hover boards. They are fast comfortable and have cool décor.

The hoverboard can be used for traveling and also for fun. They are a real upgrade from skateboards not only do they have wheels but most of them can go through any surface. The hoverboards are a must for anyone who loves adventure or thrill.

Factors To Consider : Best Electric Hoverboards

Self-balancing boards or also called hover boards or swagway have flooded the market. With the rise of demands of hover boards, the market has been full of fake hover boards that did not work quite well.

However, the hover boards that are original come certified with the UL 2722. With gimmicks in the market, one should be cautious of which hover, board, to buy. Below are things to consider when buying a hover board.

Wheel Size

Before buying any ride be it a bicycle, car or even scooters the wheels are what you consider first.

The size of the wheels in the scooters is very important. The hover board with small wheels around 6.5 to 7 inch. They are fast and efficient in only smooth areas; they cannot perform well against elevated places.

Then there are the wheels which are slightly bigger 8 and 10 inches; they have enough stability as compared to the smaller wheels they can handle smooth, uneven places and even grassy area with no problem.

There some hoverboards that come with Air wheel, it's the largest with 11.6 to 14 inches in size. With the big wheels on check riding on an uneven place is very easy.


Let's face it's not going to be the sunshine always, and as such we can't stop using hoverboard when there's rain.

It's important that the hoverboard you intend to buy is waterproof. It won't get damaged when in contact with rain. Most hover boards, however, have a rating of IP54 meaning they will survive a splash of water. Nonetheless, beware of gimmicks.

Maximum Weight

You don't want to buy a hoverboard that can't handle your weight that will be a waste of money since it will be impossible to use.

When buying a hover board make sure you check the maximum weight that it can handle. Most hover boards are usually above 200 lbs.


Warranty plays very important role, in case the product is not as it states then you can return it.

Warranty acts as a guarantee of some sort and also proves durability and reliability. A warranty should be a minimum of 12 months.

Recommended Best Electric Hoverboards

Powerboard 15004 Red Hoverboard

Editor Rating:

This is one of the genuine brands in the market. It's faster compared to other hover boards. The top speed of hover board is 10km/hr.

The power board hover board is sturdy and heavier than average at 26 pounds. Not to forget the safety measures in the hoverboard makes it the best in the market.

The board also has an onboard battery level indicator, which will warn you when you're near the end of the board's battery life.

So it won't just stop when you're enjoying the ride abruptly rather gives you a warning.

The power board has a noticeably larger battery, offering up to 6 hours of battery life. The extra battery life is that it comes with a safety limiter that locks the devices max speed at 6Mph.

For many riders, that will be as fast as they want to go. When speeding the beep signal that the safety limiter has kicks in.The hoverboard won't overheat or cause any hazard. It's been certified for use


  • Fast
  • Doesn't overheat
  • Six-hour battery life
  • Responsive turning and decelerating
  • Durable
  • UL 2272 certified


  • Slightly heavier
  • Limited max speed of 6mph
  • No beginner mode for riders
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

Editor Rating:

The razor hovertrax hover board is safer and more enjoyable. The hovertrax has two-foot pads that the user stands on.

It can tilt both forward and backward, by tilting back makes the scooter go in reverse.

This self-balancing scooter offers a ride so smooth, you will think that you're hovering above the ground.

The razor has high quality products combined with patented technology.The razor hovertrax hover board is designed with a battery; lithium ion 36v battery.

It also has a battery power indicator which warns a rider if the power is going low. This comes in handy when you ride it will tell you when you're charger is low.

The battery charges up to 115 minutes of continuous use. The hover board came with a resistant polymer frame that is scratch resistance meaning it will stay for long without being damaged.

This particular hover board is designed with rubber aluminum hubs, the dual hub 250W motors with gyro sensor technology, foot controlled, and seamless maneuvering steering anti-slip foot platforms.

It can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs. It is suitable for adults and teenagers.


  • Scratch resistance
  • Very quiet
  • Portable
  • Self-balancing
  • Good warranty
  • Doesn't overheat


  • Price
  • Slow
  • Not waterproof
Hoverzon S Self Balancing Hoverboard

Editor Rating:

Are you a newbie in using hoverboards? Then the Hoverzon self-balancing hover board is perfect for you.

It's specifically engineered for beginners and also experienced riders. The Hoverzon S hover board takes hover boards to the next level.

It comes with a battery protection; Aegis armor battery protection. This is a multi-layer battery protection which ensures safety.

The battery also has smart battery management which increases the performance of a rechargeable battery. This is in place to prevent overheating and overcharging.

From the title, the brand is self-balancing which ensure that the rider doesn't lose control. It's designed with gear stabilization which is the key to self-balancing. It keeps your level and ensures stability.

If you love its amazing features, then you're going to love the exterior décor of this hover board. It comes with multiple cool colors to choose from, unlike most hover boards that come in black mostly.

This hoverboard gives your priority the first step. The exterior is just as important as how good it functions.


  • Built in Bluetooth speaker
  • Front and rear LED indicator
  • Wide anti-slips foot pedals
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Variety color
  • Easy for beginners


  • High price
  • 1-hour battery life
  •  A bit hard to control
EPIKGO Self Balancing Hoverboard

Editor Rating:

The EPIkIGO hoverboard is one of a kind ride; it's sturdier than any brand out there.

The hoverboard can handle any surface be it uneven or even mud, grass and rocky places. It's suited for any place.

The EPIKIGO is designed with a very powerful motor; 400-watt motors(x2=800 watt) which give it about x2 times more power than most of the hover boards.

It also comes with army grade battery which is built with the same technology as the car batteries in electric cars.

The batteries are not only durable but also the material used. The hoverboard has been certified, and as such it ensures no fire or overheating occurs.

The hover board has rubber tires 8.5, with a fantastic grip and big wheels. When both are combined, it makes possible to go through any surface with ease. Or climb through an obstacle.

The hover board also has hard ABS casing which is built to resist most crashes. The wheel covers is made of steel makes for protection against damage.


  • Powerful motor
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • The ability to ride on any surface
  • Durable
  • Bluetooth speaker


  • Not too good on rough surface
  • Scratches easily
Swagtron T3 –UL 2272

Editor Rating:

This is one hover board which will impress you. It's not only stronger but more durable, better quality and safe.

The hover board is certified UL 2272 this shows that the hoverboard is safe.

The swagtron hover board has different riding models; anyone can ride the hover board.

For a beginner, there's the learner mode in which you can learn with ease. There's also advanced modes for experts. It caters for everyone need.

The battery comes with protection. The patented sentry shield multi-layered battery protection ensures that it's fireproof chamber for added

Expect the most negotiated moves with this top class skateboard and chances are you will be an ardent skateboarder, courtesy f this model protection.

​The hover board T3 has a unique look; it comes with a carry strap made from strong fabric which makes it durable. The hard plastic that is nonflammable. Also, the hover board is very easy to carry when not in use.

With the swagtron app which will monitor your battery status that in case the battery goes low, you can know so no surprise. They also come with built-in Bluetooth speakers.


  • Easy for beginners
  • Durable
  • Different riding models
  • Battery protection• Safe


  • Not fast
  • Price
  • Easy access to pro riding mode even for newbies

Final Verdict

Hoverboards have strike an interest in many people, this self-balancing boards that are by far more superior to skates board. Most are eco-friendly and are preferred by many who are environmental.

Above are a full review of hover board top brands that have their perks but most aren't deal breakers and they have more good.

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